Assignments: 2008 Summer Olympics and Micheal Phelps Essay

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cant we all Kellogg long? The legalization of marijuana has always been an issue in today’s society. With many of the states legalizing it like Colorado and Washington, the taboo of smoking it is becoming less and less common. Even with its legalization , dome more conservative states still see it as a big taboo. Micheal Phelps being a very well known person , lost some of his sponsors support like Kellogg who decided to drop him. Other sponsors like speedo to keep sponsoring him. Even though both companies had good reasons, I think I will have to agree with speedo's decision to keep him. Because of their decision to drop Micheal Phelps , some people might view Kellogg as a bit conservative . Today more and more Americans are admitting to have either tried it once or still smoke marijuana regularly. According to a servey by Gallup, by 18 years of age, almost 36% of American had tried marijuana at least once. With this new movement of acceptance , speedo made a smart move keeping their relationship with phelps. showing that they were willing to let it slide , speedo shows that not only their company is modern but they are also willing to accept new ideas. In a society where acceptance is the norm for the newer generation , it's only normal that big companies would ride the wave to appeal to the public. The new and younger generation would not only approve of speedo's choice but also shun Kellogg for being so conservative. By cutting their sponsorship , Kellogg showed that they were conservative and unwilling to accept change. Choosing to cut ties with Micheal Phelps , Kellogg wanted to keep their image pure and innocent for the older generation.. being a manufacturer of children cereal , Kellogg also made a smart decision. Today , even though the younger generation is more accepting of new idea, there are still a lot of conservative parents who will view speedo's choice as an approval of marijuana. by showing the parents that they were still pure , Kellogg made sure that parents will be more willing to buy their brand of cereal . Speedo on the other hand doesn’t really advertise for children. Usually , mostly adults are seen wearing their merchandise. Even without the support pf the parents,…