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The clips was about blue eyed people were more dominant than brown eyed people. There was 4 different clips to watch. The first one was with 3rd graders, second one was about she switched it up, the third one was about talking with the third graders as adults, and the last one was about trying to test on adults. With the first clip she told her 3rd grade students that blue eyed people were more dominant. That they are the right, they were smarter and etc. She made them put on a ribbon to show what class they would be in. Some of the kids were starting to become aggressive, and were tormenting the other kids. The kids were starting to separate real quickly. This means that teaching at a young age can have impact. Little children are very easy to persuade, and will be quick to torment the other children. The second clip was about when she switched it up and told the students that it was actually brown eyed people who were better. They were so quick to switch up who was right. They was doing the same thing that the blue eyed did to the brown people. This clip showed how quick children were to switch up on what their thoughts were. Since the brown eyed people thought they were superior they was able to get things done. If children are told they are slow, or horrible people they will think that they are and just go with it. The third clip was about when they talked to the third graders as adults. They were talking about how they see everyone equal. On how quick they were…